The Process

The design process of work generally consists of:

  1. Meet with the client, discuss the program / budget / future visions for the property, and develop a relationship of open communication and trust.
  2. Design towards a specific program, dictated by the client, the needs / constraints of the site, and the designer’s input (which is inclusive of site documentation, minor surveying, site analysis, concept development, renderings / illustratives, and construction documents).
  3. Develop cost estimates (often times phased)  based on the design, program, location of project, time of year, and budget.
  4. Installation to specification of the design.

Most of the install work we do in-house. We recognize that we are not perfect at everything, therefore, on certain scopes of work we will subcontract qualified specialists. We purchase from only the best plant and hardscape vendors in the Savannah area.

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