Dogscaping = Designing and Building the Perfect Backyard for You and Your Dog

Custom Design and Installations for your Dog Breed. Whether a herder, a hunter, a patroller, toy breed, or a speedster, a proper design should be custom fit to your dog’s natural behavior and needs. A thorough analysis of tendencies can lead to a long-term sustainable design for both humans and canines.

Proper Plants for all Dog Environments. A Dogscape by Beckler Design Studio insures that the proper, commercial grade plants will be installed for potty spots, high trafficked areas, digging zones, and lounging spots. The southeast is also home to many commonly used poisonous plants. Let a reliable professional chose plants that will not harm your dog!

Organic Gardening for Both Humans and Dogs. There are many fruits and vegetables that are part of a natural canine diet. There are also many fruit and veggies that are harmful. Consider planned, organic gardens and raised beds where humans and dogs can eat safely and naturally.

Low Maintenance Hardscapes. Sporting, speedster breeds like Spaniels, Retrievers, and Pointers need pathways and avenues for darting and chasing. Properly designed and built stone pathways are a necessity so property damage is kept to a minimum. In addition, enjoy custom designed raised walls to protect delicate flower beds from the pouncing and digging breed like the Norfolk and Staffordshire Terrier.

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