Custom Design and Installations for your Landscape . Great design comes from a well practiced analysis of existing site-conditions (sun / shade patterns, hydrology, ecology, soils, architectural survey, etc), understanding of local laws and ordinances, and programming of client needs and wants. The ability to put the three together into a concept driven design is what Beckler Design Studio strives to accomplish for every project. That commitment to the design process generates long lasting landscapes that are low-maintenance and beautiful in all seasons.

Better Plants for Less . We go direct to the largest wholesale nurseries in Georgia and South Carolina to get the best quality plants and the best plant prices for our customers. Often times, our price to provide and install a plant will be comparable to the price in which the big box stores sell the plant!

Warranties for Confidence. All of our plants pass a visual inspection by a qualified specialist. All installed plants come with a 3 month warranty baring negligence. That means, if it’s a bad plant, we will come replace it. We do this because we are confident in our ability to design the proper plants for the conditions.